F1 Safari Gallery
These are photos of our first generation breeding females. Our females have reached approximately 17 lbs at just over a year of age.

Marechal Xotica
First Generation Safari Cat
Xotica is a dark spotted/rosetted cat with a powerful build. She has grown to be the largest of our girls at this time. She is 17 lbs.

Marechal Xtreme
First Generation Safari Cat
Xtreme is a brown toned spotted/rosetted cat. She is a full sister to Xotica. Xtreme is the mother of our very first F2 Safari male. Slightly smaller than Xotica, she weighs in at 16.4 lbs.

F1 Safari Cats

Marechal Xspotica
First Generation Safari Cat
Xspotica is the darkest in coloring of our Safari cats. She is of the same breeding as Xotica and Xtreme but she is from a different litter. She is a year old and at this time weighs in at 15.4 lbs.

Marechal Xeva
First Generation Safari Cat
Xeva is the last of our F1 Safari girls born here in November of 2006. She is amazing in color and markings and looks more like a Geoffroy kitten than a Safari kitten. We are thrilled with this young lady and she will be added to our breeding program in the fall of 2007.